Healing touch is a gentle, energy-based approach to health and healing. Developed in the 1980's by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN, Healing Touch uses non-invasive techniques, consisting of light touch and/or hand movements above the body to clear, energize, and balance the energy field.  Restoring balance and harmony to the human energy field allows the body to move more easily toward self-healing. 

​Energy-based approaches to healing, such as Healing Touch, are both ancient and modern.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel laureate in Medicine, wrote

​"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing

was accomplished by moving energy."

Healing Touch is now used as a complementary treatment in hospitals and clinics around the world. It has been shown to be a useful adjunct for many situations, including: anxiety, depression, fatigue, headache, cancer treatment, pre/post surgery, arthritis, hospice, grief and loss, and spiritual growth.  

A healing touch session assists in mental, emotional and spiritual integration. It can help you to tap into your own power to heal, whether or not a physical cure is possible. You also become more adept at grounding and managing your energy in a healthy way. 

Private Healing Touch Sessions

​30 minute session $40  / 60 minute session $75



Between 10am - 2pm

By  Appointment Only

To schedule your free appointment

please email Kim@RestoringBalanceAZ.com

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By appointment only

Healing Touch Training

Workshop for Caregivers

Day-Long workshop TBD from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm 

$150/person; $50 deposit to reserve your spot refundable within 5 days of workshop                                                 
MAX CLASS SIZE is 12 caregivers so CALL TODAY for more information & to reserve your spot!

Kim Carter

​is aHealing Touch Certified Practitioner(HTCP) and has an M.A. in Pastoral Studies. Her experience includes facilitating grief support groups and providing Healing Touch to hospice patients. She has a deep interest in empowering others to discover what is true for them so that they can live more authentically.

To schedule or inquire further, email Kim directly at Kim@RestoringBalanceAZ.com 

Clear, Energize, Balance

Email Kim to request your spot or to receive additional information about the Healing Touch or her Workshop: 

Healing Touch is a holistic, energy based approach to health and healing. Whether or not a cure for the physical body is possible, healing can occur on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Healing Touch is especially useful in facilitating that process, both for those living with chronic/life threatening illness and those near the end of life. It also allows the caregiver to be engaged in their loved one's care in a nurturing, supportive way that helps to alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression. All Healing Touch techniques are non-invasive and involve gentle hand movements that clear and balance the energy field. 

Caregivers will learn Healing Touch techniques that help to alleviate pain and emotional distress in those who are seriously ill or near the end of life. Self-care issues will also be addressed.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own lunch.